Deshi Maarga Adavu

Deshi Maarga Adavu are a new set of artistically designed movement vocabulary developed by Smt. Nirupama Rajendra, Bharatanrityam and Kathak artiste from Bangalore. Inspired by the reconstruction of the Maarga Karanas by Padma Bhushan Guru Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, this new set of 108 movements are created with the aim of blending the Deshi movements of Bharatanatyam with its Maarga counterparts. The movements shift the dimension of Bharatanatyam from being linear to curvilinear and thus, leads to the participation of the entire body and mind. The Deshi Maarga Adavu are easy for the mind to grasp and the body to perform as they are born from a deep understanding of the natural flow and movement of the human body. Every unit has been named by Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh, who has also guided the process of developing these 108 movements. Music is composed and directed by Vid. Praveen D Rao based on its feel and purpose of creation. Tuning for specific categories of Deshi Maarga Adavu is done by Vidushi. Ranjani Vasuki, Vidushi. Varijashree and Vidwan. Raghuram. The movements can be used as a part of nṛtta — non-representation dance and also can be applied for abhinaya, as they are impregnated with rich emotion.

Production Team

Nirupama & Rajendra

Smt. Nirupama Rajendra and Sri. T D Rajendra are India's foremost classical dance exponents known for injecting a great deal of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination to the classical realm. The duo are the founders and directors of the cutting-edge production house Abhinava Arts Centre, Bangalore and over the last 27 years they have showcased more than 1000 concerts and have reached around 7 million people across the globe.

Deshi Maarga Adavu research is a humble offering by Smt. Nirupama and Sri. Rajendra to the perennial river of Indian classical dance. With forty years of experience and her proficiency in connecting traditions, Smt. Nirupama has researched and developed the 108 fresh movement vocabulary of Deshi Maarga Adavu. Sri. Rajendra is the producer and artistic director for this momentous project.

Dr R Ganesh

Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh is a poet par excellence and a scholar of Indian arts and aesthetics. He is a practitioner of the rare Indian art form - Avadhāna which requires great spontaneous creativity, word power and scholarly wisdom. For almost 3 decades Dr. Ganesh has been the chief mentor for Abhinava Arts Centre. With regard to Deshi Maarga Adavu, Dr. Ganesh has provided guidance to Smt. Nirupama Rajendra in developing the movements as well as he has meaningfully named the 108 adavus based on its usage.

Praveen D Rao

Sri. Praveen D Rao is a versatile music composer and multi-instrumentalist of exemplary calibre and is known for his contribution to music across the world. As the music director of Deshi Maarga Adavu, he has brilliantly wedded the newness of the movements with his experiential music.

Vinod Gowda

Sri. Vinod Gowda is a professional visual artist who communicates through various mediums and formats. Equipped with great experience in the digital media and immense knowledge of art, Vinod reflects his precision in direction and design expertise in Deshi Maarga Adavu video documentation.